Saturday, February 24, 2007

More New To The Blogroll

I'm adding a couple of blogs, new to me, to my blogroll. They are my official new blog-crushes. Yes, it's appropriate to send them condolences notes and offer a supportive shoulder.

Bradstein Household
How About Two?
Just Eat Your Cupcake
Radioactive girl
Suburban Kamikaze

The more you blog, the more blogs you find, it seems. People wander in, post a comment, and suddenly you've found three new blogs that you love. So, for everyone that's dropped in and offered up their opinions about my ramblings, I appreciate it. Thanks for the paths into new ideas, thoughts, and other touchy-feely stuff us manly guys aren't supposed to care about (but secretly do).

There are a few people who've wandered in with comments that might not be on the blogroll. Don't be offended. Since this is a parenting blog, I try to limit my blogroll to parenting blogs. When/if I start that Denver Dork blog and start posting about e-mail message filters, DIY audio equipment, and videogames, you'll be on that blogroll! I still care. I'm just trying to be careful to avoid that whole Seinfeld gang/Bizarro World Seinfeld gang awkwardness.


suburban kamikaze said...

I'm at the cool table, I'm at the cool table...
(Sorry, that was totally uncool.)
But hey, cool!

Maria said...

I have never been at a cool table in my life. I have no idea what to wear. I am usually found at the Hermione Granger geeky-no-you-can't-borrow-my-homework table.

And I know what you mean about finding blogs you like. I keep stumbling on clever comments by others in the blogs I read and then I stroll over to their blog to see what their blog is like and a then I am in big trouble, mister...because I LOVE about twenty blogs and have so little free time.

This is gonna sound all cheese ass suck uppy, but I loved your blog from day one...

Maria said...

I just saw the news. We Nebraskans are sitting here waiting for this terrible blizzard that is on it's way and the news shows that you Denver dwellers have already gotten smacked with it. Thanks so much. Yeah, just send that blizzard right over. I could FINALLY see the bird bath in my backyard and now it looks like it will draped in snow again.

Boy howdy, this stinks.

Papa Bradstein said...

Thanks for the shout out and for all the awesomeness that is your blog. I've continue to have the same experience with checking out and getting hooked on the blogs of strangers who stopped by. If only I didn't have to work and raise a baby, I could keep up on all the blogs.

Denver Dad said...

My cool table is big, inclusive, and doesn't require that any of you are named Heather (inevitable 80s film reference). There is space for all!

SK... you're welcome. A link on my site and two dollars will get you sneered at, at your local Starbucks, but there you go.

Maria... no... please, suck up! I love it! And, this will likely send you into a murderous rage, but the storm that was supposed to hit us before rambling your way... well... it missed. We didn't see so much as a flake!

Papa Bradstein... yeah, I occasionally look in the paper for "blog reader" openings, but never really see them. Must be a pretty competitive market or something.

In all seriousness, thanks again for taking the time to read, everyone. I appreciate your comments and being able to track you back to your own blogs. There's a world of good ideas and crankiness out there, if we just share it. :)

radioactive girl said...

Thanks! You rock! It's always fun to find new blogs to read. Now if only I could discover some extra time too, I would be all set!

On a serious note, have you been to How About Two today? Sounds like he needs some support!

Denver Dad said...
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Denver Dad said...

Radioactive Girl... If you manage to find a place that sells extra time, would you please let us all know? I suspect that ALL of us could just a few spare minutes.

I did see the post over on How About Two? today and sent along what I hope is a supportive comment. I hope his family gets whatever they need to get that little guy healthy.

Lainey-Paney said...

Heathers....oh my, I haven't thought about that, probably since the 80s or very early 90s.