Friday, February 02, 2007

It's an all update post!

All updates, all the time! Get 'em while they're hot!

• Crouton Boy (of Cheeky's Hideaway) was right about the contacts. They (the doctor and his evil henchmen... er... women... henchpersons) switched me to a set that is more gas permeable and contains less water... at least, I think that's what they said. Anyway, the difference is night and day... or oil and water... or paper and plastic... or salt n' pepa. Something like that. The point is that they're much better, and ironically, now that my contacts are the most comfortable they've been since I started wearing them two months ago, I've been wearing my glasses more than ever. My theory is that I'm just lazy, except in cases where I am able to complain, in which case I'll jump over tanks filled with piranhas and electric eels, on a moped, and on fire, if it means I can whine about it later.

• I got a Wii! I wasn't going to tell anyone, because even after posting a Photoshopped picture of my son holding a lightsaber (it was actually a small branch when I took the picture), I thought some of you might still believe I was vaguely cool, in that fleece-wearing, granola-eating, ski-bumming, birkenstocks-buying Colorado way, but... dude... I GOT A WII! Yes, I had to wait in line, in the snow, with thirty or so other people who desperately want the rest of the world to think they're cool when they really aren't, but I got one. The motion-sensing controller is a lot more precise than I thought it would be and if I can drop into true nerd speak for a moment, makes it much less of a gimmick and more a legitimate new way to play. It's very neat. I can't really speak on what games are good, because I haven't played any beyond Wii Sports (included with the Wii), but I'm excited about the future. I like twelve-button controllers as much as the next guy (I'm looking at you, Xbox 360), but sometimes its fun just to play. As an added bonus, my son loves it. He's lousy, but loves it.

• The dark shadow of RSV is shrinking, destined to soon become a period of time that is referred to in the same way you talk about particularly nasty blizzards, storms, and afternoons with extended family. "Remember back during the RSV of 2007?" That sort of thing. Chunk and I are doing better, even though his version has transformed into a croup-like cough in the mornings and mine has gone all germy chrysalis and become a runny nose. I consider this good news, however, as any time I don't feel like trying to figure out a way to run myself over with the car is a good thing.

• Speaking of blizzards, Denver is setting new records for low temperatures. According to my little weather widget, it is currently -15 degrees outside. I can't wait to go out into it and go to work today. It'll be just like my youth spent in Minnesota, minus all the Nina tapes, Flocks of Seagulls, and moon boots. You know, as dorky as they were, moon boots were warm.

• Chunk has figured out how to work Photo-Booth on my computer and takes picture after picture of himself. The picture above is one of his masterpiece self-portraits. He's planning on having a one-man show later in the year, but is concerned about the age old problem of selling art versus selling out. That kid. He sure gets lofty and philosophical at times. The worst part is that damn soul patch he's trying to grow.

Update Update:

I'm not crazy about this new, Google-flavored Blogger. The software I've been using to write and publish my posts (the excellent Journeler) doesn't work any longer and the "shortcuts" don't work either, since they trigger Safari shortcuts, instead of Blogger shortcuts. Oh well. As mentioned numerous times in this blog, I am a nerd, so I know enough html to get by, it's just a pain.


creative-type dad said...

Welcome to Wii-Hood!! I feel you ya' - as somebody who can relate to the lines.

I've been playing Raving Rabbid's (great get a workout) and Wario: Smooth Moves (tough at first, but you get the hang of it quick- And it has really funny Japanese humor in it)

Email me your console number (we'll swap Mii's)

Maria said...

No idea what wii is, but um...yeah...I do know what contacts are. I've worn glasses since I was four, though, and cannot stand the thought of wearing contacts. The whole sticking-something-in-my-eye thing gives me the serious willies.

Actually, it's amazing that I even own a computer since I am not technically inclined whatsoever.

I have other talents, I suppose. I can.. let's see....I can teach a room full of pre-schoolers a phonics lesson.

By the way, nice blog. I found a few interesting blogs and have been perusing their blogrolls and stumbled on yours more than once, so thought I'd check it out. Glad I did.

Rob Barron said...

Stumbled over from I don't know where, but another Denver Daddy Blogger is always a good thing!

Maybe we should start a CO. syndicate and muscle other bloggers to pay us, erm..., I don't know, maybe not to write?

Anyway, congrats on the Wii. I'm a 360 guy (with a strong eye to the PS3), but I've heard good things about the Wii.

Just be careful where swing the controller!

Denver Dad said...

Creative-type Dad: I just picked up Wario: Smooth Moves and it's a lot of fun. It's not a very "deep" game experience, but it has kept me laughing. I'll definitely e-mail you my code when I get a chance.

Maria: Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate that. You know, I was equally squeamish about the whole "sticking-something-in-my-eye" thing and resisted contacts for about twenty years, despite my wife's urging. After a couple of weeks, I got used to it pretty quickly. A huge part of wanting them was that I was getting pretty tired of having to clean my glasses every time my son pulled them off my face. That might be worth fighting the squeamishness alone!

Rob: Another Denver Daddy Blogger? We are legion! Fear us! :) I am also a 360 guy. My wife went to France last summer, I got an X-box. It was a surprisingly excellent compromise!

Vampdaddy said...

RSV, yuck. Vampboy had that early on in life -- his case was minor, but under our current circumstances I know how the illness of the little one can spread -- both literally and figuratively -- to the parental units. Glad to hear the end is near on that one!

Mitch McDad said...

Gotta like how we sent the cold weather back east.

Glad the RSV is going bye bye ... that really sucks. You're right, It's horrible to see them hurt.....or sick.

Enjoy the spring weather.

Denver Dad said...

Vampdaddy and Mitch... Thanks for dropping by, guys. I appreciate it!

The RSV thing seems to be clearing up, but Chunk woke up last night at 2:00 a.m. with a fever and now we're afraid it has mutated into bronchitis, which I understand is pretty common. A trip to see the pediatrician later today with confirm it, I guess.

I know all of this is very minor, but I just want my little guy to be well again.