Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Reminder Of The Good Things

You know those friends who only seem to call when their cat has died? Or, their car has broken down? Or, they're getting divorced, moving to Idaho, and starting a militia group? I think I might be becoming that friend.

Every once in a while, I go back and read what I have written here. Taken one post at a time, my blog is okay, I guess. It's like a lot of other blogs, only less interesting or witty. This morning, I read five of my most recent posts in a row, and... great Cesear's ghost! I am I one depressing guy. I seem to do way too much complaining about being Denver Dad and don't do nearly enough talking about the job's many perks.

So, in an effort to even the scales a bit, here are some things that make being Chunk's dad truly great:

1. I love music. Whether by choice or brainwashing, so does my son. There is nothing better, and I mean NOTHING better, than watching him dance. I'm serious. It would put a smile on anyone's face. He didn't get his moves from me. I don't know where he got them from, but that kid can shake it, and he has been shaking it since he was a baby.

2. What could feel better than walking with your son, his tiny hand wrapped around your finger, as you stroll through wherever you happen to find yourself? That question was rhetorical. I have an answer and it is "Nothing."

3. There is a strange sense of calm that comes from driving around town and having a sleeping eighteen month old in the back seat. The easy punch line is, "Well, yeah, he's sleeping!" but there's something more to it than that. I wish I could explain it, but when he's taking a short nap while we're out, I feel like I'm doing something profoundly right, even if it does mess up his nap schedule.

4. My son wakes up ridiculously early. So do I. When I can convince him to let Denver Mom sleep and we play quietly as the sun slowly comes up and through the windows... it's great.

5. His excitement is contagious. His excitement about seeing a dog, getting a cup of juice, touching snow, or any number of other things instantly melts my inner cynic. It's a gift that I think only children can give.

6. Chunk cackles when he swings. He doesn't laugh, chuckle or even guffaw. He cackles. It's hilarious.

7. Chunk kisses what he loves. His parents. His teddy bear. On more than one occasion, he's run up to the television and laid a big smack on the screen when the Teletubbies have been on. There's a lesson to be learned in that. We should kiss what we love. Although, I don't know if making out with your iPod in public is such a good idea.

Is that it? No. There is plenty more, but this post is already giving me cavities. I'll stop here... for now.


Pickle's Papa said...

It's like getting a second lease on cynicism. I cant tell you how many times I've had to stop everything and 'gather' myself from the wonder and joy she gets from experiencing life.

Without fail every time our Beagle, Harold, walks up to her she has one single burst of laughter. If he walks away and comes back - it will repeat without fail . . . to the point that I will sit behind her and call him, walk away - repeat as needed then rinse.

p.s. did you see the pimping we, and others got on Metrodad? Sweet.

Denver Dad said...

Pickle's Papa... you're right. That cynicism eraser is mighty strong stuff. No reason not to coax it along with some crafty beagle manipulation. :)

And, yes, I did see the pimping! My goodness! First your site and now Metro Dad's! It's going to be hard keeping up with all this bride check writing!

Pickle's Papa said...

Please dont put me in the same sentence with MetroDad. I probably got you like 10 extra hits. Look at your counter today - if its anything like mine . . . you're now being criticized across America and beyond.

mo-wo said...

#2 is #1 with a bullet at our house this week. Our littlle chatterbox now add to much of the handholding... 'take my hand' in her small, soft, developing voice.

Walking with my daughter, holding her hand, with a sweet behest. Da' best!

Pickle's Papa said...

Hey Denver Dad,

can you e-mail me?

p.s. this is the worst IM system ever.

Denver Dad said...

Pickle's Papa... I don't have a site meter installed, so for me, praise is praise. There shouldn't be a pecking order amongst dads. Consider yourself in the same sentence as Metro Dad and that's whether you like it or not.

Mo-Wo... your daughter actually wants you to hold her hand?!? That's a switch. Chunk fights it like crazy, but has learned that I mean business when we're in a parking lot or crossing the street. If I'm lucky, he forgets he's holding my hand, and I get a few extra minutes of it. :)

Thanks for dropping in! I appreciate you taking the time to read my rabblings and add a few of your own.