Friday, June 30, 2006

Final Score: Real Life 4, Blogging 0

Contrary to how it may seem, Chunk and I, along with the ever wonderful Denver Mom, are still very much alive. I've just been swamped with work and a cranky child and haven't been able to find much time to get a post up. I did, however, write a guest post up over on And Then There Was Pickle. If you're desperate for a little Denver Dad, you can check out my post about the grooviness of the internet and the parent blogging community, and then you can get yourself looked at by a professional. Desperate for a little Denver Dad? There's something wrong with you.

I hope to be back soon!


MetroDad said...

Just wanted to say I throroughly enjoyed your guest post over at Pickle's Papa. In fact, it echoed a lot of things that I've been thinking about in regard to blogging. Great job. Have a nice weekend!

Denver Dad said...

Hey, thanks MetroDad! I appreciate that. Have a terrific weekend, as well!

Peter said...

Hi there, another "Denver Dad" here! I really enjoy your posts, very insightful. I've taken a hand at blogging, but never can seem to find the time to do it well or get into a routine of posting. Now that I've finished another semester and will be taking some time off school, perhaps I'll give it another try. BTW, what part of the metro Denver area do you live in? I'm ~3 miles east of downtown, in the Mayfair neighborhood, such a lovely place to live and raise a child. Anyway, if you care to learn more about my family you can peruse our website at

Take care,

Denver Dad said...

Hey, Peter, thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your comments! I know I say that in response to nearly every comment that gets posted here, but the truth is, I really do appreciate it. So, thanks for giving me a little of your time and thoughts.

I'll definitely take a look at your blog!