Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fresh Blogrolls, Coming Right Up

Having been away for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh my blogroll. Geez, that sounds dirty, but you know what I mean. So, listed below are some of the blogs you'll find in my blogroll, a few you won't find, and some rambling thoughts about why.

. . . and then there was pickle.: Pickle's Papa seems to have fallen off the face of the planet. When he gets back to blogging, his site will be back on the list.

The Blogfathers - Dads You Can't Refuse: A collection of daddy bloggers that would probably be out robbing trains and saloons, if this were the old west instead of the information age. Since there are so many people writing for the page, there's always something there to fit your mood. For example, there's usually a sizable amount of cranky, which suits me just fine.

Cheeky's Hideaway: Yet another daddy blogger. I don't read CroutonBoy regularly, but when I do visit his page, I read it compulsively until I'm completely caught up. He's hilarious and has great taste in music, a subject I could go on and on about, but have decided not to, for fear of boring you. That and for fear of confirming all your suspicions about how lame I am for still listening to all the bands I loved in high school.

Creative-Type Dad: New to the blogroll, Creative-Type Dad is a must read. He wrote about his adventures trying to get a Wii, my most coveted, yet unrealized purchase of 2006. "A" for effort, my good man. I salute you.

DadCentric: I don't read this one as often as I should, which is a shame, because its a hilarious site. Hilarious.

finslippy: Finslippy is one of the first parenting blogs I've ever read and I continue to go back to it. Worth checking out.

Fussy: The John Lennon to Finslippy's Paul McCartney, Fussy is another one of the first parenting blogs I read and I keep going back. Fussy is filled with the kind of sarcastic wit that makes me feel all inadequate and awkward. You can see the smirk while you read it. I also find the turtle updates and yoga practicing G.I. Joes oddly entrancing.

Genuine: A heck of a nice guy. There was a blogging meeting last summer that he invited me to, despite the fact that I had all of four posts under my belt at the time. I missed the meeting, but would have liked to raise a glass or two with him. Plus, he's always posting. You can't open his site without seeing something new.

Kiddley: Kiddley is a site that concentrates on crafts you can do for and with children. Whenever I read it, I think, "Man, I wonder if I can get Denver Mom to do that for Chunk."

MetroDad: Another daddy blogger cooler than me. No, really. This guy hangs out at bars in New York, seems to work in some creative, yet well-paying field, and has that wicked cool iPod-esque icon on his page. Oh, yeah, and he gets me to laugh out loud with nearly every post. If I ever get trapped somewhere (plane crash in the Andes, desert island, Iowa, etc.), I want this guy around. I suspect he'd always know what to do and would always keep you laughing.

Mitch McDad’s World: Another brand new addition to the blogroll, I will go on record and say that there is no finer blog about a man's testicles. And, I'll stand by that statement. Mitch posts a great deal about his junk, but also about his adventures being a dad, and I'm glad he stopped in so I could learn about his blog. Good stuff.

Mom-101: This mommy blogger rocks. There's no better way to put it. Well, okay, yeah, there's loads of ways to put it that are better or more literary, but saying she rocks sums it up nicely. She demanded once that I refer to her as sexy, so she's sexy too.

parent hacks: a collaborative weblog of practical parenting wisdom: I absolutely love the site Lifehacker, so of course I'd like a site about hacking up your baby. Er... I mean, "practical parenting wisdom." There are some very clever ideas to be found on this site. Some are useful, some aren't very useful at all, but they're all well-meaning and... like I said... clever. I've resisted putting these two on my blogroll for a while, because they don't post very often, but they're practically neighbors and post some adorable photos of their youngin. Worth checking out.

Suburban Bliss:: Birth Control Via The Written Word: Probably my favorite parent blogger ever, Melissa is funny as hell and human enough that she can inspire me. Does that sound corny? It's true. Its one thing to have a few insecurities. Its another thing entirely to post them to the world with such humor, honesty, and zing that you keep coming back for more. Plus, she's a fellow Mac user and us elitist, commie computer snobs have to stick together.

Vampdaddy: I don't even know what to say. If you've read even a little of his page, you'd know how much grace and strength is possessed by both he and his wife. This isn't a blog about caring for a sick child. It's a blog about being the best parent you can be, despite what you have to face.

Want to be listed in the official Denver Dad blogroll? Let me know about your site!


Mr Big Dubya said...

Stumbled in here from vampdaddy. Thanks for listing DadCentric on your roll - we appreciate the link. If you're ever in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by:

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