Saturday, July 08, 2006

Special Weekend Update: Chunk Likes Rocky Road

Sometimes, even when you know better, you have to do the wrong thing with your child. Things like... oh, I don't know... sharing your rocky road ice cream with your nineteen month old son, just minutes before his bed time.

Does my nineteen month old son like chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and almonds? Well, he likes the ice cream part just fine. The almonds go down easily, thanks to swimming in cool, gooey ice cream. The marshmallows? He makes a face like I'm actually slipping him turpentine and fishes them out of his mouth, dropping them into my hand. Ahh... yes... our new game. If he doesn't like it, it goes in my hand. We could be at the table, with a whole flat span of space before him where he could put whatever horror I've inflicted on him, but somehow it's always better if its in daddy's hand.

What follows the ice cream is screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. Screaming for more ice cream. Screaming momma's hand. Screaming because he doesn't want help with his toothbrush. Screaming for the sake of screaming.

I'm starting another cluster headache, so each shriek vibrates through my skull like it was punctuated with a rusty hammer, but it's still worth it. Seeing Chunk's face light up with his first taste of chocolate is pretty great, no matter what the price.


Mom101 said...

Damn, why couldn't you have posted this last week? We just learned the hard way that sugar (i.e. birthday cupcake photo op) isn't a great idea ten minutes before bed.

Pickle's Mama said...

Pretty Awesome.

Pickle's Papa said...

I thought that my friend who named his dog 'Stella' so he could yell out his back door in a brandoesque fashion daily had gone to far . . . but you sir, training "chunk" to crave and request "rocky . . . road?" from toddlerdom has taken involving pop culture in our daily lives to a whole new level, and yes - I did name my dogs 'Harold and Maude', but I dont have them perform mock suicides in public . . . yet.

Denver Dad said...

Sorry, Mom-101... I didn't mean to be late with my public service announcement about the evils of sweets and their complications with bed time. Remind me to post about the frosting covered Oreo I got him yesterday during our walk. Er... actually... no one should be subjected to having to read that. ;)

Thanks for dropping in, Pickle's Mama!

Pickle's Papa... I swear that the whole Chunk and Rocky Road thing was completely unintentional. I wish I were clever enough to stay I planned that, but sadly, it was just a weird coincidence. It's still pretty funny, though. :)

If you do manage to train your dogs to perform mock suicides in public, I DEFINITELY want to see some video of that.