Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day Two

At 4:30 this morning when Chunk started to whine and moan in his crib, I rolled over thinking, "It's her turn. I was up with him at 10:30." That's the undeniable luxury of being one of two parents. I've been a "single parent" for one day, and although it hasn't been bad, I just don't know how other people do it full time.

Chunk is doing really well, so far. At the 10:30 waking I mentioned, he insisted I let him out of his crib, then ran around calling, "Momma?" searching for her in the dark. Just as I had done several other times yesterday, I explained she was far away, but that she misses him, loves him, and can't wait to come home to see him. As smart as our little guy is, I think some of those concepts are still a little bit beyond him, especially when he's already on the verge of tears. All he really knows is that for the first time, momma is gone.

His fever broken and his fighting spirit returned, we decided to go to the bird sanctuary out in Wheat Ridge this morning and walk around the lake.

It's a neat little park, but it's strange. Depending on the angle of your head, where your eyes are pointed, you could almost believe that you're out in nature, miles away from traffic, Starbucks, and 7-11, but if you move your head just an inch or shift your eyes a bit to the right, there it all is, just as you remembered. The entire bird sanctuary is surrounded by road, so you literally have nature on one side of the street and sprawl on the other.

Chunk had a blast. When I have a little free time from work, we like to get out in the morning and walk at various places. The great thing about most of the places we end up is that the other people there sincerely like being out. Like us, it's how they like to start their day. So, everyone is very friendly and happy and appreciative of the enthusiastic waves that Chunk provides to everyone we pass.

Denver Mom called this morning at 5:30 and she made it across the Atlantic just fine. She was calling from her hotel in Paris and finally sounded really excited to be there. I'm glad she decided to go. On the express bus one night (my mobile group therapy), I was asked if I wished Chunk and I could go and meet her for the last half of her trip, but the truth is, this is her time. Yes, I'd love to be in France with her, but it would defeat the entire reason for her going.

One thing I found kind of funny... people always make such a big deal about the light in Paris. It's supposed to be this magical, clean, even sparkling light that brightens everything without being harsh or glaring. Watch any film with a painter in it and they'll probably talk about how they have to get to Paris because of the amazing light (it's in the "generic screenplay dictionary" for painter, apparently). Denver Mom says it looks just like Colorado.

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