Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day One

We dropped off Denver Mom at the airport without much turmoil. Was there any crying? Yes. Both Denver Mom and Chunk shed a few tears. I merely got dust in my eye, which should explain the redness and irritation.

I suspect that this is going to be easier than I originally thought. I've been bracing myself for the worst, for crying fits and frustration and sorrowful cries for a momma that is thousands of miles away. And, every one of those things and more will probably happen, but Chunk and I make a good team, so I'm starting to think we'll get through this just fine. What's bothering me is that Denver Mom is gone.

See... I didn't just marry Denver Mom because I think she's smart, talented, and because she gets more and more attractive every day I've known her. I married her because I genuinely enjoy spending time with her. I married her because she's the first person I want to tell my stories to and the last person I want to see at night. I married her because she's my best friend.

She's coming back. I know I'm making this sound melodramatic and a little bit corny, but it'll be lonely without her for the next couple of weeks. Neither one of has to travel much for work and the few solo vacations we've taken (me to visit family in the midwest, her to go hiking in Wyoming) have been short trips, little more than extended weekends. It's only been a few hours and I miss being able to talk to her. I helps having a new best buddy, even if he can't debate modern art with me.

Thank you for all of the great suggestions you provided several weeks ago when I first talked about this trip. Chunk and I are hoping to be able to do everything mentioned and more, but Chunk was up all night with a fever, so we'll be taking it easy today and making sure that everyone gets caught up on sleep.

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