Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The End of An Era

How long, exactly, is an "era" anyway?

After 20 months, I've decided to leave my current position. It was a difficult decision for me, because unlike previous times when I've left jobs, I still really like where I'm at and believe in the mission of my organization. I genuinely care about the families we serve, believe we're making a difference in the community, and enjoy the quirks (and yes, irritations) of my coworkers, but as burnt out as I've been feeling, I needed a change.

It's funny, because one of the weird truths about the "industry" I work in (I put industry in quotes because its a strange word to describe what I do) is that development people last, on average, only eighteen months. So, I guess, I exceeded the average, but only barely. Why the huge turn over of staff? Well, begging for money is stressful, and although I was lucky enough to be one of the higher paid staff in my organization, "higher paid" doesn't necessarily translate into "high pay."

I gave my resignation last week and since then things have been a little tense in the office. My boss is pretty disappointed that I'm leaving. She's been great about it, very understanding, but I can tell that I've let her down. My coworkers seem to feel the same way, but one or two of them are probably glad to see me go. Offices are like that.

I guess this is my long winded way of saying that things are changing a bit over here. I'm hoping with my new position comes a little more time for myself and my family, which I hope will also translate into a little more time for this blog. Heck, I might even start sleeping again, but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet.

I'll post more soon!


Sandy said...

DH did the same thing not long ago. He loved his job and loved the people...but he was sick of asking for more money not going anywhere...so he left.

Good luck with the new job! It is always stressful when you go from what you know to the unknown!


Lainey-Paney said...

good luck in your new job....i know this is probably a bit scary, a bit exciting, and stressful.
good luck!

Sarah O. said...

I hope you don't feel guilty about leaving your current job. Your quality of life (and your family's) absolutely should be more important than loyalty to one's boss.

Congrats on your new job and having more time for your loved ones!

p-man said...

"...time for myself and my family"?

Are you some kind of hippie? God man, open a Schlitz and think about what you've said!

Suburban Kamikaze said...

Make mine a Corona. But seriously, p-man has a point. (I pun!)

Families look so cute when they are staring back at you from the framed portrait on your desk. (Especially if you leave in the picture of the fake family who comes with the frame...)

Up close, real families can be a little hard to take. (Sorry Chunk, but you know you can be a handful sometimes.)

Good luck,

Dad Stuff said...

Good luck in your new adventure. Exciting!

Sarah O. said...

Merry Christmas from the Lemony family to the Denver Dad family! Hope you're enjoying the last-second white Christmas.

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