Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Cliched Blogger Time... A Look Into The Search Keywords Bag!

I know it's a cliche, but darnit, I just have to comment on a few of the searches that have brought me new readership. If you were getting these kinds of hits, you'd have to comment too.

“dad spanking little boy underwear for fighting“

Okay, I can kind of see how a spanking search might have brought someone to my blog. I mentioned spanking specifically in my mind your own business post a few months back, but “underwear for fighting?” What the hell is that? I'm imagining some kind of demented toddler Fight Club, only more creepy and even more illegal.

Even more bizarre is that someone actually sat down and typed that string of nonsense words, words that alluded to some hidden, deeper meaning, into Google and hit return, hoping for an actual result. If you're still reading, underwear-for-fighting-person, welcome! Also, what the hell where you thinking? As much as I'm sure the answer would frighten and disturb me, I really want to know!

“dominatrix golden showers“

Uhh... yeah. Huh?

“help find dad in denver“

This one actually intrigues me, because if you read it out loud, it sounds like “HELP... find Dad... in Denver!” I can imagine a bunch of scenarios, many of them tragic and epic, like something Homer would have written (the poet, not the Simpsons dad). Was the person looking for their own, specific dad? Or, would any old dad do in a pinch? Was there some sort of hotline or service the person was hoping to find? “1-800-Lost-Dad! You lose 'em, we find them again!”

The majority of my new visits, it would seem, come from being listed on the blogrolls of my many internet friends and acquaintances. If you're on my blogroll, it's because I read your blog all the time and enjoy what you have to say about life and being a parent. If I'm in your blogroll, I just want you to know I appreciate being thought of so highly that you'd bother to list me.

Okay, everyone, group hug... no, really. That means you, too! Get over here, you big lug and give DD some lovin'!


Lainey-Paney said...

Um...someone googled "Tori does enemas" & ended up finding my blog.

Yup...I want that pervert looking at my blog.
What a whack-job.
(oh, and that's probably what he was wanting as he was googling "Tori does enemas")


p-man said...

I want to entertain your direction for giving the love but am constrained somewhat. I don't want to get wet.

Maria said...

My favorite on my blog was: Girls kissing girls and then shaving their legs.

We do that a lot around here and I never thought of it as all that interesting.

Mitch McDad said...

After reading this I feel so "Kumbaya."

I got this one the other day..."sex whit dad." Can you say Arkansas?

Sarah O. said...

Hey, here's a big ol' hug! Sorry if I beaned you with my hairdryer. I just can't dislodge it from my head.

My most recent keyword search was for "tiling jokes". I don't know about you but notihing cracks me up like a good tiling joke. Right.

Dan Boles said...

isn't it amazing what people search for? i think the funniest of all time (and I still don't know how this happened) was someone once found an old website of mine by searching for "douche" ew!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) check out this emo boy hair over this blog: