Monday, April 09, 2007

#%@*! Meme About Favorite Songs

My blogging buddy Maria, at Just Eat Your Cupcake, tagged me with a meme several months ago. Okay, maybe not months ago, but it was more than a month ago and I've been dreading posting it since then.

What meme has me quaking in my blogging boots? It's the "Three favorite songs" question, which given my absolute love of music, seems like it would be an easy post to get some mileage out of, but in reality, has filled me with dread and self-doubt. How could I pick just three songs, of out so many, that are my all time favorites? It's like "Sophie's Choice," but with much fewer Nazis.

So, even with a month of thought, I'm not sure if this is really my list, but it's darn close:

1. Cuyahoga, R.E.M. -- I've loved this song for years and have never been able to figure out exactly what it is about the song that captures my attention so well. Like most R.E.M. songs the lyrics are evasive, but intriguing, and to my mind, talk about naive enthusiasm about building something new and special, while acknowledging the construction that went on before. It's one of the most patriotic songs I know of without being propaganda.

2. Got To Give It Up (pt. 1), Marvin Gaye -- This song might be the closet thing to perfection that any single piece of music has ever reached, since the first caveman started banging sticks together in the dark. If you never had soul before, this song will give it to you. If you never had rhythm, this song will help you find it. If this song doesn't get your butt moving and your toes tapping, you might want to check your pulse.

3. An Ending (Ascent), Brian Eno -- Wow. Simply beautiful. People often talk about getting a literal message behind instrumental music, as if there was a kind of invisible dialog happening in the interplay between instruments, and I've always struggled with that idea. I guess my brain is just too literal to find that sort of underlying talking, but with this song, I think I hear hope.

I'll stop with my three songs. I could do a "honorable mentions" list, but I'd be here all day and you're probably already glazing over.

And, as is tradition with these sorts of things, I'm going to pass this along to one of my newer blogging favorites Lainey-Painy at Life Is Just So Daily, my arch-nemesis Mitch McDad at Mitch McDad's World, my fellow bleeding heart The Real Mother Hen at How the Real Mother Hen sees the World, the basement runner Radioactive Girl, and the guy who's mix tapes from high school were the coolest, Vampdaddy. I'd love to hear what all five of you really shake your tail feathers to, but if you're not listed, that doesn't mean you can't play. So, play along and let me know you have them listed on your blog. Or, leave your favorites in the comments section. I'm always eager to broaden my musical horizons.


Maria said...

Oh, yeah...R.E.M.

The first song of theirs that I heard was "Losing My Religion" and I remember thinking that no one EVER said exactly what was in my heart before.

And then I bought their album and it was love at first hear for me.

I still feel that way.

And good hell, took you long enough, dude.....I thought you'd NEVER get this meme off....:)

Mitch McDad said...

Yo homey....obviously you are only reading my vibrator posts, otherwise you'd know I recently did a 7 song post (though I only listed 6). Please try to broaden your horizens and get your mind out of the gutter.

As for yours...nice picks--especially Marvin.

Lainey-Paney said...

If you like Marvin, try a little Otis.

Oh, I love me some Otis!


Maria said...

Ok...I listened and I think that Texarkana is the best, I really do. Won't you reconsider?

Denver Dad said...

Maria... I know! It took me forever. I really agonized over this list for some reason, so it was one of the hardest posts I've put up. Weird, but true.

Mitch... Hehehe. Dude, I only read Mitch McDad's World *for* the vibrator posts! Duh! :) Seriously, though, I must have missed the music post you're talking about. I'll go back through the archives and look for it.

Lainey-Paney... Oh, I do like me some Otis, but Marvin just nails it with that song. That's the problem with being limited to only three songs. You cut out a lot of good stuff, even fantastic stuff, to try to find the songs that really resonate with you.

Maria again... Nope. I won't reconsider. Sorry! :)

creative-type dad said...

Marvin Gaye - that's one smooth dude

radioactive girl said...

For the record, I now have a treadmill in my basement, so I am no longer running laps.

I will have to think on this one...I have so many favorites!

Vampdaddy said...

My tapes were pretty cool, I think...But you should check out my mix cd's these days!

After much agony, I've followed through on the request. Enjoy!

Denver Dad said...

Creative-Type Dad... Yeah, he *is* smooth. It's really too bad he's gone.

Radioactive Girl... Congrats on the new treadmill! I'm a little disappointed, though. I think you should have painted a track down there and kept up with the laps!

Vampdaddy... Awesome list! It's nearly impossible to narrow it down to three, isn't it?