Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Public Service: Get Those Kids Insured

I just read about the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and their efforts to get health insurance for kids over on the Dadcentric web site. This is important! If you don't have insurance for your child, or know someone who doesn't have insurance for their child, check it out.

And, just as Jay suggests, spread the word if you can!


Alan said...

The Colorado Community Health Network runs the Colorado version of this. In the process of creating a brand for them, I was floored by the amazing amount of good work they do to try and make sure all Kids and families with children receive health care. Not a job for the faint-hearted. Get in touch with them if you feel you aren't getting the access to health insurance you need!

Denver Dad said...

Hey, Alan, thanks for dropping in! And, thanks for the pointer towards the Colorado Health Network. That's a terrific resource!

We have decent health care for our little guy, so we really don't need either organization, but if it can help someone out there, especially a "neighbor," I'm glad to have it listed here!